FAQ’s 2023

Details of the Holiday Bazaar are still be worked on by the committee. This page will be updated as needed. Updated 10/18/23

0) Q: Where at Foothill HS will the Holiday Bazaar be this year? We will be outside for 2022
A: By December 4, the Holiday Bazaar committee will review the weather forecast for December 9 and decide whether we will be outside in the parking lot or inside at the Events Center. Troops should be prepared for both locations. Troops should plan on providing their own table, chairs, tablecloth and EZ-Up if desired.

1) Q: What is Holiday Bazaar?
A: Holiday Bazaar is a decades old Girl Scout event in Tustin that permits girls to shop for handmade, holiday presents independently. They can purchase gifts for family members and friends at a reasonable price ($3.00 or less) and in secret so everyone will be surprised when they open their gifts.

2) Q: How can my troop participate in Holiday Bazaar?
A: There are several ways possible. Your troop can:

  • just shop.
  • they can sell and shop.
  • chaperone if they are in grades 6 and above.

3) Q: If my troop is only shopping, how does this work?
A: Troops will be able to select time slot choices when they want to shop when they online register. Submit your registration EARLY to get your first choice!!! Troops registering after 12/1 will receive the last slot.

  • Troop Shopping Times
  • 9:30 – 10:00
  • 10:00 – 10:30
  • 10:45 – 11:15
  • 11:15 – 11:45
  • 12:00 – 12:30 (adults can shop too)

4) Q: My troop wants to sell and shop, how does this work?
A: Your troop will need to plan, purchase supplies and have the GIRLS make items for the troop to sell. Items must be sold for $3.00 or less. It is helpful if all items are priced in units of 25¢. This is a non-profit event so your troop can only recoup the cost of making the items and attending the event.

Your troop will arrive earlier (8:30 – 9:30) to set up your table in the shopping area. Troops should anticipate to supply their own table, chairs, table cloth and EZ-up if desired.

If we are at the Events Center: During the event, each troop can have a maximum of 4 people at their booth selling (2 at the table and 2 behind them at least 3′ away). Typically this is 2 adults and 2 girls. The troop will also need to have adults outside to supervise the girls who are waiting to or have finished shopping. Over the course of the event, troop members can be exchanged in and out of the room using our “yellow button” system. Each troop will have 4 yellow buttons and 2 green “swap” buttons issued at check-in. Only attendees with the yellow button on can stay in the selling area. The two green swap buttons are for assisting in changing people in and out of the selling area. If we see people selling at the table wearing the green buttons we will escort them out of the selling area. We suggest that adults at the event have their cell phones with them and text each other when it is time to exchange girls working at the table.

5) Q: The girls in our troop are in grades 6 and above, how can they help?
A: Girls in 6th grade and above are needed to chaperone our Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts. Chaperoning tasks include helping the younger girls: make change; figure out who to buy what for; keep track of their purchases; and ensure they get met at the exit area by their troop adult. There is mandatory training that will be given before each shopping shift. Please also read the chaperone training here before you arrive to the event. Chaperones will be allowed to shop while they are helping their younger Girl Scouts shop.

6) Q: We’ve seen troops selling food outside in years past. Who gets to sell at a Snack Booth?
A: If you are a Cadette troop or above, who has an approved money earning project form on file, and you sold fall product this year and cookies last year, you can sell snacks in our Food Court and you are allowed to make a profit. You must file a request for an additional money earning application and get it approved by your SU manager before 11/20. Click here for the GSOC Money Earning Guidelines form. You must also be selling in the main shopping area too.

Please indicate on the Holiday Bazaar online registration form what food/drinks you are planning on selling. Be specific. We are eliminating duplicate food items this year. If you bring items that are not approved, you will lose your privilege to sell next year. No power cords allowed and nothing that generates heat or has an open flame (like a propane stove or sterno food heating fuels) anywhere on campus including the parking lot. The Holiday Bazaar Committee will be sending you an email approving your items by Nov. 30.

Troops can sell both packaged, purchased, and homemade food items such as chips, cookies, drinks, donuts, etc… In other words, we are going back to pre-Covid food rules as Covid-19 transmission rates allow. 

Troops selling must also take home all packing materials that food and drink were brought in to the Bazaar. Do not stuff the trashcans (think about booth sale rules.) We want to leave our area cleaner than we found it.

7) Q: What type of girl, handmade items should we sell?
A: This website has hundreds of photos of previous items sold over the years. Items that usually sell out are items that can be given to dads and brothers. Items for pets are always a big hit. Items that celebrate the many holidays in and around December are always welcomed too.

8) Q: How many items should we bring?
A: Getting a troop of Brownies to stay focused on making 30 items can be challenging so you might want to schedule several meetings to make your items. Many troops bring 50 to several hundred items. Some troops have successfully sold over a 700 items at one Bazaar.

9) Q: How does a troop find time to make so many items to sell?
A: There are several different tactics that can be used. If a troop meets every other week, “bonus meetings” on the normally off weeks can be inserted into the regular meeting schedule. Troops can send home materials for the girls to make items at home. Some established troops even meet during the summer to start making items to sell. Another fun way to get items made is to have a Saturday or Sunday, all day crafting workshop day!

10) Q: What time do we get there?
Sellers can setup between 8:30 and 9:30.
Selling times are assigned based on when your troop completes registration.

  • Troop Shopping Times
  • 1st — 9:30 – 10:00
  • 2nd — 10:00 – 10:30
  • 3rd — 10:45 – 11:15
  • 4th — 11:15 – 11:45
  • 5th — 12:00 – 12:30 (when all registered participants including adults can shop)

Clean up is from 12:30 to 1:00

11) Q: Where do we take the toys for the toy drive and coats for the coat drive?
A: There will be an easy to see, designated area for both drives. Click here for map

12) Q: I don’t feel safe letting my girls go in the shopping area without me. Can I go in with them?
A: The parking lot will be contained with either permanent fencing, cones, and/or pendant ropes. We will also have monitors positioned around the selling area to make sure girls only leave at the designated exit EZ-Up. Troop leaders should wait in line with their girls before they enter and troops should have an adult waiting near the exit EZ-Up to meet the girls when they are done with their shopping.  Please make sure all Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts know their troop number in case we need to find a troop adult at the exit EZ-Up. If needed, you can pin their troop number on their exterior clothing. This is a great event to have the girls wear their vest/sash.

13) Q: What do we do while we wait for the girls to go in and after they finish shopping?
A: Troops will be scheduled to shop this year to minimize the amount of waiting around time.
Adults and girls who are waiting around during the event are encouraged to purchase snack items to help troops earn funds for their upcoming troop travel.

14) Q: My daughter has an event during her level’s shopping time. Can she shop early?
A: This should not be a problem this year because troops will be able to pick the time slot when they are shopping. She can also shop during the open shopping session from 12:00 – 12:30.

15) Q: When can adults shop?
A: Event registered adults and registered Girl Scouts can shop from from 12:00 – 12:30.

16) Q: Can we sell food items at our table?
A: All food included in items being sold must still be in the original manufacturer’s packaging. If candy is sold, it must be used as a component of the final item. Example: using candy canes to create a sleigh, etc… Candy must also be in original packaging. All these items should not spoil before they are given during the holiday season.

17) Q: Can we add more girls to our registration the day of the event?
A: Yes. Please bring exact cash to the check-in table. Depending on supplies, attendees registering at the door may not receive a patch. Click here for map

18) Q: Can we change what we are making after we register online?
A: Yes. Please click here to let us what you are changing/adding/dropping.

19) Q: Where do I go to check in?
A:  There will be an event check-in EZ-Up. Please also leave all wagons, trolleys, boxes of items to sell away from the check in area table. Click here for map

20) Q: What type of toys should we bring for the toy and coat drives?
A: Each Girl Scout is encouraged to bring a new, unwrapped toy to contribute to the drive. There is no minimum or maximum value required for the donation. Toys are needed for all age ranges including teenagers. Everyone who participates will receive a special toy drive patch. Don’t forget, teens need toys too. Click here for a list of teen items.

We are again collecting gently worn coats this year to help families in need. Warm coats of any size or any style for all ages. Please ensure that the coat you are donating does not have any holes or stains and is clean and wearable. You may donate more than one warm coat.

21) Q: When and where do I get the Holiday Bazaar patches?
A: After the girls are done shopping, please have them participate in filling out the evaluation form for Holiday Bazaar. The completed evaluation, your troop’s sign and your yellow and green seller’s buttons if you are selling, can be returned to the check in desk. Once we have received these items we will give you your troop’s patches.

22) Q: What is this about not putting out all our items for sale at the beginning?
A: We strongly encourage all troops selling to hold back a percentage of their items so all shopping shifts have a chance to purchase items. Before we started this policy, many troops would be sold out and the later shoppers would walk into the selling area finding very little to buy. What percentages to hold back? Hold back 50% for shopping shifts 3, 4 and 5 (10:45 – 12:30)

23) Q: What happens if we don’t sell out?
A: There are many options:

  • If you have non-perishable items you can save them for next year.
  • The girls can split them up and give them to family or friends.
  • Depending on the items, you could give them as gifts if your troop visits a senior living community during the holidays.

24) Q: What if our troop makes a small profit?
A: Since troops are encouraged to round their prices to the nearest 25¢ you can end up making a small profit. If you do, we ask that you spend the money on a service project of your choice. Remember you are also allowed to cover the cost of attending the event and any tools your troop purchased to make your items.

25) Q: Do Cadette and above girls need to sell if they want to chaperone?
A: We are encouraging Cadette and above troops to have a selling table but it is not required to chaperone.

26) Q: We want to offer face painting or a photo booth inside. Is this allowed?
A: No for both.

27) Q: Will Holiday Bazaar be inside the Events Center or outside or virtual?
A: The Holiday Bazaar will be outside in the staff parking lot at FHS rain unless there is inclement weather forecasted. Troops will be notified the week of the bazaar.

28) Q: If we are outside, will tables be provided for sellers?
A: No. Sellers should anticipate bringing their own table, chairs, EZ-Up if desired, and tablecloths.

29) Q: